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Непрочитано 17.06.2017, 14:48   [включить плавающее окно]   #1
Igor ZH
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During Apple launching new broken iPhone upgrade, screen protector installation progr

More cash for your broken iPhone 5 / 6 / 7 Screen!

3 Reason Why LETI ELECTRONICS buyback program is a better deal.

1) We offer cash payment the same day we receive and test your broken LCD's.
It's a huge benefit that can make all the difference when buying parts and tools for your cell phone repair business.

2)More $$$ USD per screen
We are offering $12 for iPhone 6 screens, $31 for iPhone 6s, and $51 for the iPhone 7. Be sure to check prices often as they are subject to change. Despite normal fluctuations in the recycling market, we will always work with you to offer the best buyback price possible.

3) Best offer for totally cracked LCD screen, big pressure damage or connector problem.
We guarantee to pay more than anyone else, so get in touch to find out how much your broken screens are worth.

We located in Shenzhen - hometown of LCD and whole electronics’ industry.
Provide Hong Kong storage for shipment service to China.

One more option to get more cash – refurbish service for all of your screen and resell it in your country!
Call +86 18826554254 or email letielectronics@qq.com
Source: https://www.letielectronics.com/
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